About The Lion

I am a Sri Lankan-American with a close connection to both places. I think Sri Lanka is an amazing place and more people need to go there. I do not claim a religion, but you can call me spiritual. Neither am I political, but I believe the people should have their say. So if you’d like to leave comments, please do, but please be respectful of yourself and others. Different viewpoints in an open forum are beautiful things. Ignorance and intolerance are not.

4 responses to “About The Lion

  1. Your Beb Portal is very interesting to read. Thank you for carrying some of my writings in Asian Tribune.

    Daya Gamage

  2. Ranjith Soysa

    Thank you for producing this informative web site. Wish you success in
    presenting the positive side of the Sri Lankan story.
    Ranjith Soysa\

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