“It is the Translator’s Fault: I Didn’t Ask for A Separate Nation”, Says Sampanthan

Posted on June 14th, 2012 (Lanka web)

Asada M Erpini

Oh, what a sweet little darling of a chap this man Sampanthan is! Let’s all stop whatever we are doing at the moment and rush to embrace him and shower him with kisses or any other gestures to show our adulation. Fall at his feet, if that is what you are used to.

For Samapanthan, it is the ignorant translator who inserted the words for a separate nation to Tamils to the ITAK constitution. Let’s join Sampanthan to get hold of the ignoramus and to whip him: the translator is the one who made the innocent Sampanthan a detestable figure in the political scene for millions of Sri Lanka lovers.

Sampanthan has never said anything that could mean that he was talking of a separate nation for the Tamils. The foolish Sinhalese – there is the age-old saying, Sinhalaya modaya, kevun kanta yodaya (an amateurish translation of which would mean, the Sinhalese are fools: all that they are masters at is eating kevun, the traditional Sinhalese oil cake) – all this time believed that Sampanthan was advocating a separate identity for the Tamils, away from the rest of the Sri Lankans.

There were also those Sinhalese and other anti-separatists who read the speech that Sampanthan gave at the Batticaloa ITAK Convention on 26 May – by the way, they all had been thinking all this time that ITAK was the acronym derived from Ilankai Thamil Arasu which Katchi which when translated meant Ilankai Tamil Nation Party or Ilankai Tamil Kingdom Party. How foolish all these poor idiots have been, and what would have been the situation if there was some grey matter beneath their thick skulls!

And, when Sampanthan said, “The Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi was created by S.J.V. Chelvanayagam, the father of Tamil Nation” obviously he, in his innocence, did not know that Sri Lanka cannot have two nations, the Sri Lankan and the Tamil.

The media had reported Sampanthan as saying, “the Tamil United Liberation Front, of which our party was a member, took the historical decision to establish the separate government of Tamil Eelam in 1976”. The poor media people had got it all wrong. How could Sampanthan ever have let such treasonous words escape through his lips?

And, most importantly, when Sampanthan said at the May 26 event, “the sovereignty of the Tamil people is based on a political structure outside that of a unitary government, in a united Sri Lanka in which Tamil people have all the powers of government needed”, the imbecile Sinhalese and everyone else like them thought that he was talking of a separate nation for the Tamils: for their understanding was that unitary and united were terms that had critically different meanings.

At least now the rest of Sri Lanka knows who really was behind the mischief that has triggered lawsuits by political groups that value the unitary state of Sri Lanka: leave the poor Sampanthan alone, but take the translator to courts.

Let us all help Sampanthan to get rid of the translator first. The LTTE leader certainly had fool proof ways of dealing with those who disagreed with him: Sapmanthan of course has no idea who or what the LTTE is or was. Now that Sampanthan has convinced everyone that he is a true-blooded Sri Lankan, all Sri Lankans will be able to live happily ever after.

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