Sri Lankan Peace Process to be Expedited

May-09-2012 21:19

Clinton and Singh agree to work closely.

Clinton and Singh

(COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Ceylon Today) – The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh have agreed to work closely in expediting the Sri Lankan peace process. Hillary Clinton who was on a three day visit to India met the Indian Premier at his residence in New Delhi on Tuesday.

During the discussion while taking a common stance on expediting the Lankan peace process the US State Secretary and Dr. Manmohan Singh also agreed to take steps towards bringing the Tamil political parties to the negotiating table.

Dr. Manmohan Singh also briefed the US State Secretary on the recent visit of the Indian All Party delegation to Sri Lanka led by Opposition leader Sushma Suwaraj.

The Indian Prime Minister detailed the US Secretary on the findings of the Indian Parliamentary delegation’s report on Sri Lanka.

The meeting between the US Secretary of State and the Indian Prime Minister was held on Tuesday in the back drop of yesterday’s All Party Conference of the Indian Parliamentary delegation which had visited Sri Lanka.

The All Party Indian Parliamentary delegation to Sri Lanka met yesterday in New Delhi to make a detailed study on its findings in Sri Lanka. The key issues taken up at the meeting yesterday were on Indian assistance in helping the stalled peace process, enhancing Indian humanitarian assistance to the war affected people in the Island and on the problems with regard to the fishermen on both sides of the Palk Straits.

The outcome of yesterday’s All Party meeting on Sri Lanka is expected to be conveyed to the Indian Government leaders and to the leadership of the political parties represented in the Sri Lankan tour last month.



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3 responses to “Sri Lankan Peace Process to be Expedited

  1. Excuse me! Do I read this news item correctly? Do we need India to meddle in our internal affairs? Do we need the US Secretary of State to tell us what to do? This seems like a comedy show!
    I hope those who read this news item will make some comments.

    • ceeguna

      yep! Looks like that in the eyes of Hillary Clinton/USA/World powers, “Sri Lanka” is a ‘small piece of land’ under the “supervision” of India??? Why could not this woman take that short flight to Sri Lanka itself and see for herself, talk to the Govt, travel around and get the idea? (Rumor is that she has LTTE tamil allies/cronies who ‘donate’ to politicians in the USA)

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