Will the Real Buddhists Stand Up?

At a time when the enemies of Sri Lanka, especially those of the pro-LTTE Diaspora are spreading a claim of discrimination of the minorities by the “ majority Buddhist Sinhalese”, it is a shame that the Dambulla Mosque incident took place  in Sri Lanka.

It is quite shameful that people who call themselves Buddhists conduct themselves in such an uncivilized and violent way to claim ownership of land.

I am a Buddhist who lives outside Sri Lanka who has on many occasions witnessed on international TV, rude and shocking behavior of some Sri Lankan men in yellow robes calling themselves the Buddhist clergy.  Do they practice the precepts they preach? Do they believe in non-violence? Have they given up worldly possessions?

What is more surprising is that the population living inside Sri Lanka seems complacent about all these horrible things happening in the country; they don’t seem to care. Politicians of all parties turn their heads when these individuals, in the name of religion destroy the  fabric of the country. Sri Lanka is supposed to be a nation of law abiding citizens guided by  the principles of kindness , gentleness and peaceful co-existence. Just because the countryside is strewn with Buddhist statues, it doesn’t mean the religion is practiced by these hooligans who take the law into their own hands.

We, who are Sinhalese, Buddhist Diaspora have no answers to questions people ask us about these incidents of disharmony and violence in a Buddhist country. I personally believe the  time has come to  put an end to pandering to the  so called Buddhist  clergy who do not practice the basic tenets of Buddhism. They should not be political; nor should they enjoy the luxuries of lay life. They should be involved in Dana, Sila and Bhawana and find some caves in which to meditate.

We are tired of  seeing these quasi clergy seeking power to destroy the Buddhist stance of non-violence. Give them a begging bowl and teach them humility or ask them to disrobe and enter politics.

A concerned Buddhist


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2 responses to “Will the Real Buddhists Stand Up?

  1. There are many good Buddhist priests who practice the precepts and guide the laity in a peaceful way. We need to give them credit.

  2. Lali

    I totally agree with the person who has written the above report ” one Response to Wili the real buddhists stand Up”.

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