Karunanidhi’s eelam project (The Island, April 26, 2012)


Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and president of DMK M. Karunanidhi (MK) had opted to step into the old shoes of mass killer Prabhakaran with the intention of continuing the ‘Elam struggle’ that the late LTTE leader failed to achieve, when he had reportedly declared that his only dream in life is to see a Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka. Refuting the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s charge that supporters of Tamil Eelam are terrorists, MK had said that, ‘We are not in support of terrorism as part of the struggle for Eelam’. (Sunday Island 22 April)


Recently, media published a picture of some Eelam backers in India displaying Prabhakaran’s photo on the stage, where a meeting had been held to canvass support for the LTTE which is classified by the FBI as ‘the most ruthless and deadly terrorist outfit in the world’. Prabhakaran’s pictures and the LTTE flags are widely used in propaganda rallies in support of Eelam. While making use of the LTTE image in this manner, MK cannot disclaim terrorism, which is synonymous with LTTE’s modus operandi.


To the Defence Secretary’s statement that, MK can have Eelam in India, if he so desires, but not in Sri Lanka where the LTTE that fought for separatism had been defeated at a huge cost of wealth and human lives, he had said that Eelam is needed in SL to ‘prevent atrocities on SL Tamils, whereas in India, no such situation prevails’.


Making a statement in Lok Sabha, the Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj who came to SL leading a 12 member all party Indian Parliamentary delegation, had reportedly said that, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and the DMK leader Karunanidhi did not send their delegates with them because, had they done so, the falsehood propagated by them that Tamils in SL are subjected to harassment would have been exposed. On the contrary, they had observed how the SL government had undertaken speedy rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes incurring huge expenditure in N/E, ravaged by 30 years of warfare, and civilians in those areas are leading normal lives, engaged in usual activities of farming and fishing. T. K. Rangarajah, Indian Marxist party delegate was of the view that no one in areas they visited in SL spoke of separatism, and they were happy to live in a united country.


It is evident that, MK is attempting to boost his sagging popularity by rallying the supporters of LTTE sympathisers who could be lured into his Eelam cry, but it is certain that the central government would not approve his evil design to create dissension in SL. A bankrupt politician cannot have any discretion to poke his dirty fingers in internal affairs of another sovereign territory.


The Sunday Island of 22 April also reported that the Global Tamil Forum, that had amassed huge amounts of money using the LTTE’s name, is ‘buying’ British politicians, to embarrass Sri Lanka. There is a strong likelihood that the GTF had extended it’s tentacles to India too, to ‘buy’ South Indian politicians as well, to propagate Eelam ideology.


Stanley Weerasinghe

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