Eelam is Not a Goal of Tamils in Sri Lanka ?

Unlike the beating of the Eelam drum by the Pro-LTTE Diaspora who live in  Western countries and the Pro-LTTE politicians in Tamil Nadu, Tamils in Sri Lanka are not pursuing  a course of separatism. This is according to MP TK Rangarajan an Indian Parliamentarian who toured Sri Lanka as a member of  a  delegation from the neighbor to the north who voted against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council last month.

The delegation of Indian parliamentarians was lead by the Leader of the Opposition,  Ms. Sushma  Swaraj . In answer to a question on the separatist agenda of the Chennai politicians who support Ealam, Mr. Rangarajan stated that Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka supported a political solution within the framework of a United Sri Lanka and further remarked that the Tamil leadership they met in Sri Lanka did not support the issue of a separate Tamil homeland.

Being further questioned about the Indian politician, Karunanidhi’s  idea of demanding UN  intervention and a referendum for Tamil Eelam, , Mr Rangarajan said that no Tamil leader in Sri Lanka,  including  Sri Lankan MP and  TNA leader Sampanthan expressed any desire to divide the country on the lines of such states as East Timor, and  Kosovo.

The leader of the delegation from India, Ms Sushma Swaraj discussed with President Rajapaksa such issues as elections and further autonomy in the North.


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