Freedom Speaks

A documentary about unspoken ground realities of Sri Lanka’s war
A group of young filmmakers travels once forbidden area of their motherland. They meet their brethren who had been separated from them by 30 years of brutal terrorism. They exchange their mournful experiences about the war and discover a shocking truth behind the misery that ripped their lives apart. “Freedom speaks” is a documentary based on their experience.
“Freedom Speaks” is about the people who incredibly endured more than two decades of horror and hardships and emerged with hope and dignity. It speaks about the fears they have for their future knowing that the forces profited from their sufferings still striving to recreate what they hate most.
“Freedom Speaks” is for the ignorant world that unknowingly supported terrorism in Sri Lanka. It is against the malicious lies spread around the world about our country by vicious individuals and organizations wanting us back in war.  It is to ease the agitated minds of all Sri Lankans watching this unholy campaign against them helplessly.
This documentary is done at the personal cost of the young filmmakers behind it for free distribution. If you wish to obtain a HD copy of the documentary please contact Isuru Wakkumbura on 01194 777 873 589 or email
Watch “Freedom Speaks” (Part 1)

“Freedom Speaks” (Part 2)


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