Hedge fund billionaire gets 11-year sentence in fraud case – The Washington Post

Raj Rajaratnam , the largest single financer to the internationally banned terror group LTTE or Tamil Tigers , has been sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment by the  U.S. courts today (Oct 13). He was convicted for the largest insider trading case in the U.S. history.

Though the U.S. courts did not charged him for terror financing , it has been a well-known fact that Raj and his father J.M were the key figures that ran the multimillion dollar illegal business empire of the defeated terrorist outfit.

In 2007, Jane’s Defense Review said the illegal business enterprises around the world could earn an annual income of 200-300 million U.S. Dollars. The FBI once called the LTTE  the world’s most deadly terror outfit. It was the terror group that pioneered the art of suicide bombing and the only terror group in the world to kill two world leaders.

Though the severity of punishment given to Rajaratnam is nothing compared with the horrendous crimes committed against Sri Lankans with his support, One Sri Lanka Peace Watch believes that justice has been finally delivered to tens and thousands of innocent men, women and children killed and maimed by the Tamil Tigers with Rajaratnam’s money.

View crimes that Rajarathman and other LTTE supporters in the U.S. and other western country’s are responsible for


Sign the petition to Obama administration to support Sri Lanka’s domestic reconciliation process




Hedge fund billionaire gets 11-year sentence in fraud case – The Washington Post.

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