Rump LTTE Files Charges Against Rajapaksa In New York

Rudrakumaran (2nd from left) beside LTTE Supreme Commander Prabhakaran

The tactics of the LTTE know no boundaries. In war, they stooped to killing their own, and doctored videos. Despite their defeat on the battlefield in May 2009, pro LTTE forces (better known as the ‘rump LTTE’) among the considerable Tamil Diaspora worldwide are launching all kinds of attacks against the Sri Lankan government via international agencies such as the U.N.; NGO’s such as Amnesty and Human Rights Watch, and media outlets such as the U.K.’s Channel 4. In the latest salvo of this all-out propaganda “war,” Visvanathan Rudrakumaran, A Tamil attorney and member of the LTTE delegation to the Oslo-managed talks in 2002-2003, filed criminal charges against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the unlawful killing of notorious Tiger Commander Colonel Ramesh on behalf of Ramesh’s alleged wife, Vathsala Devi, herself a former LTTE cadre, who escaped at the end of the war.


No matter that the LTTE has been proscribed as a known terrorist organization by 82 countries or that Rudrakumaran currently ranks as “Prime Minister’’ of the Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) and one of the most influential LTTE leader’s in the post-Prabhakaran era. The audacity of this charge reaches to the heights of lunacy and would be tantamount to one of Bin Laden’s widows filing a murder charge against Barak Obama.


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2 responses to “Rump LTTE Files Charges Against Rajapaksa In New York

  1. Danish Candappa

    It appears quite obvious to anybody that the ex- US ambassodor to Colombo, R.B. had been heavily bribed by the LTTE (probably many times his salary!) for him to work extremely hard and extensively for the LTTE for the last so many years. All that time he had openly shown pro-LTTE stance and anti-Sri-Lankan attitude in his dealings both while in Sri-Lanka and after getting his promotion as ‘South East Asian American Hawk’. He first tried to rescue the most dangerous terrorist Prabakaran & his Clique during the last stages of the war and now feeling thoroughly disappointed and guilty for his failure. Next he tried to fix Sri-Lankan Govt. by hanging on to those bogus claims of the Human Rights, listenning to Diaspora, and seriouly studying that fake Channel 4 film (“killing fields”) and that too also fading fast after emergence of the LLRC report. Although LTTE and its connected organisations are all well defined as Terrorist Organisations in USA (plus many other countries) and Documents produced by the FBI shows positive evidence of Rudrakumaran (currently the Prime Minister in exile for Eelam) heavily commited and connected to LTTE and the International Arms Dealer KP for many years, the whole world will be asking why this man ( RB) going out of the way (rather privately) to play innocence for Rudrakumaran; LTTE has got massive amounts of money in all currecies of the world collected by various means, (not forgetting Rajaratnam’s cotribution from Gallion Funds!); so why not grasp this easy money by hoodwinking the world while hiding behind diplomatic immunity.

  2. Danish Candappa

    Any acknowlegement appreciated.

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