Former UN Officer to Address Pro-LTTE Forum

Just released: Former UN Official, Gordon Weiss's new book about the Sri Lankan conflict


Gordon Weiss has an axe to grind. Not only that, but he’s got a new book to sell as well. And as we all know controversy sells. So does sensationalism. So if you want to read a rather contrived and imagined account of  the final four months of a 27 year conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, buy the book. Weiss, after all, has impeccable credentials. As the UN spokesman in Sri Lanka during this time, he observed the war from the relatively safe confines 0f Colombo, from where all international press also reported.


Yet it is from Weiss’s book that we get such unverifiable statistics that as many as “40,000 civilians (possibly  more),” perished in the final stages of the war. This information was quoted in the highly contested Darusman Report as well as the equally unreliable and downright sensationalist Channel 4 documentary, “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields,” lending credence to claims of war crimes committed by Sri Lankan government forces. But Weiss more than intimates that government forces were guilty of war crimes, while glossing over 27 years of terrorism at the hands of the LTTE, who initially rose to power after brutally eliminating their own competition–moderate and otherwise–within the ranks of the Tamil minority in  Sri Lanka. His book is basically a hatchet-job–so biased and one-sided that it almost reads like a propaganda piece for the pro-LTTE lobby. Now that he has violated the International Civil Service Oath that he took upon joining the U.N., in which he swore not to divulge information obtained as a result of the office held, he needs to support himself and his family. What better way than a book, and a book tour, and it is certainly not surprising who is coming out in his support.

When its former employees are making money and a name off a bloody conflict that lasted 27 years and claimed countless lives, the U.N. really needs to check itself if it is to have any credibility in the international community. A veritable “lynch mob” has risen up against Sri Lanka, the only country in the world to rid itself of terrorists, and much of the so-called evidence comes from Gordon Weiss’s very flawed narrative.



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  1. chan

    Glad you wrote this. People should share this info with patriotic Sri Lankans.

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