Daily News – Journalist Depicted in Channel 4 Show an LTTE Officer

Sri Lanka Security News | Online edition of Daily News – Lakehouse Newspapers.

When Channel 4 showed the gruesome corpse of “journalist” Issipriya, in their controversial program, “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields,” the implication was obvious–here is another Tamil civilian “murdered” by government forces. What they forgot to mention was that Issipriya was an officer in the LTTE. This is one of many omissions of fact and glossing over of the truth to be found in this sensationalized piece of “journalism.”


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2 responses to “Daily News – Journalist Depicted in Channel 4 Show an LTTE Officer

  1. Strange, I’m pretty sure they mentioned that she was with the Tigers – several times in fact. I thought the implication was more that she had been sexually abused – before or after execution. I’m pretty sure It was even in a section of the film that had just been dealing with the LTTE officers who were summarily executed after they surrendered. I shall have to watch it again to check.

    • The whole “sexual abuse” claim by Channel 4 is not backed up with any evidence. This is another instance of them extrapolating conclusions from the footage. The fact that all bodies–male and female– are stripped naked comes as a result of the suicide vests packed with explosives that some Tigers wore. In some instances, dead bodies were even booby trapped (no pun intended) so when soldiers tried to move them they were blown up. This eventually lead to a uniform policy (again, no pun intended) of stripping dead cadres before moving them.

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